How to Connect to the Eduroam Wireless Service

To improve security, a few Android 11 compatible mobile vendors like Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel have made changes for wireless set up. As time goes by, it is expected that more will follow suit.

To address this, NTU has had to find a new method to provide the necessary security certificate to setup the Eduroam connection on your Android device. The Eduroam service at NTU enables parties wishing to join the service to set up a trusted connection using the ‘geteduroam’ app. The ‘geteduroam’ app has been recently developed to make the client setup easier and safer and is now the preferred/recommended approach.

To establish a connection with the Eduroam wireless service:

  1. Install the ‘geteduroam’ app available from most app stores like Apple or Google Play. 


As an internet connection is required to do this, it is recommended that this is carried out prior to establishing an Eduroam wireless connection on site.

  1. When in range of the Eduroam service, run the app and enter the institution: Nottingham Trent University.


  1. Enter your personal login details username (full e-mail address) and NTU account password, then click ‘Connect to network’.


  1. If using an Apple iPhone, the app will prompt to add a ‘hotspot’. Click ‘Cancel


  1. If in range, the app will confirm to join the WiFi Network “Eduroam”. Click ‘Join’.


The device should now be connected to the Eduroam wireless service.

If you receive an error while trying to connect to Eduroam please use this guide here.


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