Mac - Starting the Display Link Manager

By default the DisplayLink Manager application does not start automatically. To enable the application to autostart at login, the user must follow these instructions.

Double-lick Go>Applications>DisplayLinkManager


There will be no visible signs that the app has started, but you will now see a new icon on the notification bar:


Click this to open DisplayLink Manager.

Tick Launch app automatically after logging-in followed by Quit.


Double-click Go>Applications>DisplayLinkManager. The application will now auto-start each time you login.

Adjusting Mac Display

The external monitor can either be used as a second display alongside your Mac’s own screen, or to mirror exactly what is on the Mac’s screen. To do this, click Apple Menu>System Preferences>Displays.


Click on the Arrangement tab. If you tick Mirror Displays the external monitor will show what is on your Mac’s screen. If you untick it you will have two monitor displays and you can copy items and open windows from one to the other.


Drag the displays to rearrange their virtual positions, and note that the relative positions of the two displays determines how the mouse moves between them. The white notification bar can also be dragged from one monitor to another.


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