Student Password Reset using secret Q&A

Follow the steps below to reset your password using the secret questions and answers you set.

Firstly, go to http://www.ntu.ac.uk/current_students/myNTU/get_reset_password/index.html 

Click on 

You will now be presented with a field to enter your N Number.

Once you've done that, click 

You will now be presented with the screen below. If you are resetting your password for the first time, Select Reset My Password

You will now be prompted to enter the answers to your secret questions. 

If you'd like to hide your answers whilst you type, tick the box Hide my answers for security purposes

After you've filled in your answers, click 

You will be asked to enter a new password. Re enter the password to confirm. 

Click Next

Your new password is now set. 

For guidance on how to set your secret questions and answers click here

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