Student Secret Questions and Answers Profile

Follow the steps below to set a secret question and answer. This feature enables you to reset your password solely by answering your secret questions that only you know the answers to. 

Firstly, go to http://www.ntu.ac.uk/current_students/myNTU/get_reset_password/index.html

Enter your N Number in the field provided and click OK

From the screen shown below, select My Questions and Answers Profile

To proceed, enter your password. (If you've forgotten your password click here for steps on how to reset it)

You will now be presented with a screen to select a question from a set of pre-set questions.

Select a question you wish to act as your secret question from the drop down list.

In the Answer field, type in the answer to your selected secret question. If you're in a position where your password could be visible to others around you whilst you type it, you are able to hide your answer by ticking the box Hide my answers for security purposes

You will be asked to confirm your answer in order for that answer to be saved.

The 2nd secret question could be a question you create. In the fields provided type in a question and confirm the answer to the question. An example is shown below

The answers provided need to match. If it does not, the following error message will show. 

Remember: You only need to confirm your password if you've selected to hide your answers when typing them. If you did not, you simply type in the answer.

Note: Please ensure that it is only yourself that knows the secret questions and answers to your account. Your personal details should not be shared with anyone else, for added security. 

Check that your Date of Birth and Permanent Home Postcode is correct below the secret questions and answers, and click Next

Your profile has now been successfully updated with your secret questions and answers. 

Click on Go to home page if you'd like to reset your password now using the secret questions and answers you've set up.

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