Windows 10 Wireless Set up

Select the wireless icon on the Task Bar

Select Network Settings

Select ntu-wifi and choose Connect

When prompted enter your NTU username and password And select OK

Select Connect on the next prompt

You will now be connected to ntu-wifi

Disconnecting and removing the saved password from a WiFi network
Right click on the NTU-Wifi connect and select Forget  
You can reconnect using the above instructions

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    Bilal Ehsan 2018 (N0815573)

    I am unable to connect to the network on my laptop and I don't know why

  • Avatar
    Bilal Ehsan 2018 (N0815573)

    It doesn't give me the prompt to enter my username and password

  • Avatar
    Bilal Ehsan 2018 (N0815573)

    Nevermind sorry it suddenly works now