Password reset on an NTU Mac off campus

Please Note: If you received a new Mac or had your current Mac reinstalled after July 2020, your local password is now considered separate from your NTU password and you therefore do not need to complete the below steps

Please browse to https://staffpass.ntu.ac.uk to change your NTU password.


If you are working off campus on an NTU Mac here is how you will need to change your password.

You must change your password on the laptop you are using rather than any other device you have at home. You if don't do this you may get locked out of your NTU device you are using to work on.

See the video here for instructions on how to reset your password on an NTU Mac. 

Your new password must contain at least 8 characters and must not be the same as your previous 8 passwords.

We recommend you use the following when choosing your new password

  • A minimum of 1 upper case letter
  • A minimum of 1 lower case letter
  • A minimum of 2 numbers

To reset your password off campus you will need to connect to Pulse Secure.

Open Finder


Then open the Applications folder


Find and open Pulse Secure


Select Connect, enter your username and password


Once connected open System Preferences by clicking the Apple logo in the menu bar and selecting System Preferences

Next, select Users & Groups


Select Change Password 


Enter your old password followed by your new password and verify. You can use macOS to suggest a password by clicking the small key next to the New Password box. Confirm by clicking Change Password.


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    Flint, Rob

    There's something missing from this, and I wish I knew what it was. This process allows me to change the password on my networked machine, but despite Pulse being fully connected, it doesn't save my password change to the wider network. So it only changes my local log-in for the computer.

  • Avatar
    Kerry, Matthew

    Didn't work for me either.
    It didn't remember my new password.

  • Avatar
    Baguley, Thom

    This is only for an NTU mac. If you are using a personal machine you need to reset the password via the "Staff Password Change - Off Campus" link and then manually update each password as requested or by going through all your passwords on each device via the Keychain Access app. I have not yet discovered a simpler solution ...

  • Avatar
    Kerry, Matthew

    I was using an NTU Mac off campus Thom. It didn't work.
    However, I solved this by changing the password on a PC when I was on campus. Thanks, Matt

  • Avatar
    Throuvala, Melina

    it cannot find pulse secure. were do I download it from?

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    Dear Melina, if you click on the following link, this should also help you.
    Best wishes

  • Avatar
    Stone, Georgia

    I tried and it says the server is not available and the password was not changed. This is only for changing the password for access to the machine (NTU Mac in my case). Am i right? If so, how do i change my password for accessing NOW etc?

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    Apologies Melina, here is the link,

  • Avatar
    Flynn, Ryan

    Hi Georgia,

    This particular guide is used to update the password on the mac. Once updated, it will also update other systems such as NOW, O365 etc.

    If we just want to change the password used for online systems, the following guide can be used: https://support.ntu.ac.uk/hc/en-us/articles/210226227-Staff-Password-Change-Off-Campus

    Please note, it is recommended to change the password on the mac to avoid single sign on issues.

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    Fraser, Karen

    Hi. I am working on a MAC (personal) at home. Where do I find "Pulse Secure' - I cannot locate it on the Apple App store, nor is it an application that is already installed.

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul