NTUanywhere – Mac OS user guide


In order to use NTUanywhere you will need a connection to the Internet. 

Using NTUanywhere

Open your browser (It does not work with Safari so you must use another browser like Google Chrome)

Type https://ntuanywhere.ntu.ac.uk/

You will then see the NTUanywhere Notification screen. After reading the information click Proceed if you are an authorised user:


Enter your NTU email address


Enter your NTU password 


Confirm your log in through Multi Factor Authentication



Host checker will then start 

Welcome to NTUanywhere Secure Access Portal

After loading, you will see the “Welcome to NTUanywhere Secure Access” page as shown. 


You will be presented with links to various applications. Some of these will be generic to all users such as Outlook Web Access whilst others might be specific to your College, School or department.

Using Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure is an additional component within NTUanywhere that will enable full network access to NTU resources, allowing the use of soft phones, file shares, access to your NTU PC and much more.

Click on Start.


This will install the Pulse Secure application to your Mac (as shown in the next image)


When you are connected via Pulse Secure you will see the icon



Once installed, a program called Pulse Secure will be added to your “Applications”.  


The next time you want to use NTUanywhere you can either start it from the Safari browser or launch Pulse Secure directly from your desktop.


This access method can be used if you need full network access to NTU resources, allowing the use of soft phones, file shares, access to your NTU PC but without the provided web links.

Once you have finished your session you must Disconnect. 


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    Humphrey, Donna

    What is exactly happening when the network connect icon is showing and the duration is counting up. Am i connected or not or is it installing. How long do i have to wait for the program to be installed. This section jumps a number of important basic information for the non computer expert. Please clarify the stage between Network connect and launching the application

  • Avatar
    Pearson, Mark

    When you see the network connect icon and the duration is counting up then this means you have successfully connected and its installed. When you are at this stage what has happened is a secure "tunnel" has been formed from your mac to the NTU network allowing you to access NTU resources. From this point you can map network drives, make a remote connection to your NTU PC etc. Take a look at the document "NTUanywhere - what is it and how can I use it"

  • Avatar
    N0534582 (Jason Roper 2013)

    Can you please tell me when this will be fixed?  I have tried installing on a 2010 mac mini and a 2013 macbook pro and neither will install properly.  i install the juniper client but i don't get any junks pulse application and when i try to access junks pulse via ntuanywhere I get the java permission box pop up which I agree followed by a message that the Java plug-in has crashed or the message to install the client software or an error message telling me the certificate is invalid...Help!



  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Jason,

    Please see the link here for how to enable Java in Safari for NTUanywhere.

    Please let me know if this does not help.



  • Avatar
    Peytchev, Evtim

    How can I use Junos Pulse on Yosemite?

    Evtim Peytchev

  • Avatar
    Tennakoon, Sarah

    Hi Evtim,

    Yes Junos Pulse should work fine on OS X 10.10 which is Yosemite. If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Avatar
    Timothy Low 2019 (N0895913)

    It stuck at the securing connection window, what should I do?

  • Avatar
    Nascimento, Bruno

    Good afternoon

    Unfortunately I cannot access NTUanywhere on my Mac.

    Pulse  Secure does not work on MacOS Catalina 10.15.3, I keep getting an endless "Securing Connection" message, it simply cannot establish a connection.

    NTU's version of Pulse Connection is 9.04 (1731).

    Accordingly to their website the latest version is

    Can you please assist?

    Many thanks

    Edited by Nascimento, Bruno