Printing at NTU

If you want to print using a personal device please see our guide here

Types of Printer

Printing at NTU can be performed on two different devices:

  • Dedicated printers
  • MultiFunctional Devices (combined scanner, photocopier and printers)

Printing with Dedicated Printers

On the document you wish to print:

  • Select File then Print.
  • Select the relevant printer from the drop down menu. If you are unsure of the printer name, it will usually be displayed on or near the device.
  • Once you are happy with the setup, click the Print button.
  • The following pop up message will appear asking for confirmation as well as giving you information regarding the print job. Select Yes to print.
  • Your job will then be sent to the printer.

Printing with Multifunctional Devices

On the document you wish to print:

  • Select File then Print.
  • Select the relevant printer from the drop down menu. If you wish to print with colour look for a device name ending COL-MFP , and if you are just after black and white, look for the device name ending MONO-MFP
  • Once you are happy with the setup, click the Print button - You will now need to release your print job from the MFD.

To release your print job(s):

  • Take your Smartcard to the relevant MFD (a notice on the front of the device will tell you if it is black and white or colour).
  • On the touch screen, select Print Release
  • Present your Smartcard when asked to do so by the device.
  • A list of your printed work will appear on the screen, select the document you with to print and press Print.
  • Once you have printed your document, make sure the device has signed you out.

Single-Sided Printing

When you print, it defaults to double-sided, to print single-sided follow these instructions:

  • Select File then Print.
  • Select the relevant printer from the drop down menu.
  • From the Settings list click Print on Both Sides.
  • Select Print One Sided.
  • Click the Print button.

Colour Printing 

On City campus, colour printers can be found in:

  • Bonington Level 1 - Room 141
  • Bonington Level 3 - Outside Room 309
  • Boots Library Lower Ground Floor - Open  Area
  • Boots Library Ground Floor - Open Area
  • Boots Library Level 1 - Outside room 108
  • Boots Library Level 4
  • Chaucer Level 4 - Open Area
  • DICE Lower Ground Floor - Open Area
  • Dryden Level 2 - Room 227
  • Maudslay Level 3 - Room 355 (Hive Office)
  • Terrace Royal Ground Floor - Room 50/12

At Clifton campus, there are two colour printers, one in the library and the second is located in resource room 9. At Brackenhurst there is one colour printer situated in the library.

Printing Balance 

At the beginning of your course, and annually thereafter, most students are given a printing and photocopying allowance (£20.00). You'll probably use this up during the year but if not, please note that any unused NTU allowance will not be carried over into the following year.

You can add money to your account using your Smartcard and the credit kiosks located in the libraries and IT resource rooms. Money that you put onto your account yourself will be carried over into the following year

You can check the balance on your account in the following ways:

  • Log onto a MFD as detailed earlier, your balance will be shown on screen.
  • Log onto a Print/Copy Credit Kiosk, your balance will be shown on screen

Wireless Printing 

Once you are connected to ntu-wifi on your laptop, you can then use this connection to print using the multi-function printers situated around all three campuses.

To print from your laptop, you will first need to install the relevant printers.

To do this open the Start Menu, and type in the printer queue below and press enter

Colour Printing


Mono Printing


Once prompted, enter your NTU username with the prefix ’ADS\’ (i.e. ADS\N0123456) and password, and include the domain ADS if asked. The printer queues should now appear in the Printers & Faxes window and be available for  selection in applications such as MS Office etc. by sending to the chosen printer and using your Student card to release them from the queue at the printer. This will then charge your card as normal for the cost of your document.

Please see the full guides below - 

Connecting to a Multi-Function-Printer from your PC

Connecting to a Multi-Function-Printer from your Mac 

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  • Avatar
    N0310352 (Natasha Kent 2010)

    Is it possible to set the wireless printing up on a Mac?

  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Natasha,

    Please see here for the guide for Mac Wireless Printing.

  • Avatar
    Jolly, Stuart

    Is it possible to wirelessly print from an android tablet please?

  • Avatar
    Mcconnon, Carl

    Hi Stuart,

    Unfortunately it is not currently possible to print from an Android tablet.

  • Avatar
    Rishabh Gandhi 2013 (N0572858)

    Hi , The advance option is not available in the latest OS(10.9.3). Can you help me with the set up for same for wireless printing.

  • Avatar
    Doubleday, Karen

    Is there going to be an updated 'Printing leaflet' so we can print off copies in the library. V6 is inaccurate on 'Wireless printing' as it says connect to ntu-student.

  • Avatar
    Talwar, Ravinder

    Hi Karen

    The library is working with IS on a joint project to update the printable user guides. We will be working on this through summer and will let you know when the new guides go live.


  • Avatar
    Henderson, Pamela

    Any progress on printing from an Android tablet or via Google Cloud Print yet?

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    Dear Pamela

    This was scheduled to have put in place a few weeks ago, but we delayed the install of mobile print due to the on-going printing issues that unfortunately we've also been experiencing.

    Realistically we will have to wait until after Christmas to make sure all of the other issues have been resolved. All being well, we do hope to have this set up by the end of Jan 2016 along with the relevant on-line help guides.

    Best wishes

  • Avatar
    Megan Grainger 2015 (N0616411)

    Hi, If you print from the NTU-Network say from a lecture, how long do you have to print off any documents in the queuing list?

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    Dear Megan

    You have 24 hours to release a print job once it's been sent to print.

    I hope this helps, best wishes

  • Avatar
    David Fletcher 2017 (N0774051)

    Hi, is it possible to view your printing history?

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    Hello David
    If you can bear with me I've rasied this question on your behalf with our Server team and will get back to you as soon as they reply.
    Best wishes

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    Hello again David
    Our Server team have advised me that they can generate your printing history for you, if you can bear with us a little longer please.
    Best wishes

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    Your printing history has been emailed to your NTU student email account. I hope this helps.
    Best wishes

  • Avatar
    Erin Rossiter 2020 (N0943667)

    is it possible to print from iphone on the printers around bonington?

  • Avatar
    Cooper, Paul

    Hello Erin, have you tried the guide at the following link on our Support Forums, please.